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Whingers do not deserve the money

AFTER reading the many reports and letters in The TES, I feel that I must respond in total despair. I have never responded to any paper before but this one will not pass by, especially after the antics at the National Union of Teachers conference this year.

However I am not adding my voice to the many, but giving a request to both teachers and heads: for the good of our profession, please stop moaning! Heads get at teachers, teachers get at teachers, inspectors forget their roots; I even saw in the Express today one "teacher" from the NUT crying "strike!" who has not worked in a classroom for at least two years as she is a literac consultant.

I taught for three years in the seventies before leaving because I simply could not bear the moaning in the staff room.

Since returning full-time, I have progressed from classroom teacher to head and I love it.

Throughout my teaching career I have encountered many teachers who are excellent; unfortunately I have also encountered many who just could not care less about the children. They are usually the ones who whinge the loudest. They should not all be rewarded similarly.

The conditions are good if you only organise yourself properly. Let's just get on with it!

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