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Who do you think you are, Mr Twigg?

PRIMARY schools minister Stephen Twigg has urged me (in his letter to all primary headteachers) to consider further action to raise my number of level 4s and 5s in May. (Not to be confused with raising standards of education.) As I consider that I have taken all appropriate action open to me, perhaps he could tell me what action he would not support as I do not relish facing child abuse charges!

What a disgrace that the Government via the local education authority is bullying me to achieve its targets, not mine.

Why doesn't Mr Twigg urge me to ensure that my school has a curriculum that inspires, motivates and challenges children? Why doesn't he urge me to ensure that my school caters for the needs of all of my children? How many dyslexic children are continuing to underachieve in primary and secondary schools because their needs are still not sufficiently understood and met?

I am not aware of any government-led training on these issues. Surely it isn't rocket science to understand that this is the way to further raise standards? But then the Government is not concerned with raising standards - it just wants its targets met in that particular week in May and it does not appear to be too concerned about how it is achieved.

Lesley Blackham


Leesland junior school



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