Who got drunk at Susan's wedding?

For seven to nine-year-olds: Pupils read a story called Cousin Susan's Wedding which focuses on adult behaviour. The idea is to help children understand that all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines.

They discuss what they understand by the terms "medicine" and "drugs". With older or more advanced children, they discuss which substances are legal or illegal. The class talks about under-age drinking, under-age smoking and prescription medicines taken illegally.

Pupils are asked to act or mime sections of the story, including the scene where a child joins in a toast to the bride and groom and feels the effects of alcohol.

For nine to eleven-year-olds: Pupils read a play called In Your Dreams about a promising footballer who gets injured under the influence of drugs. The aim is to help them understand the techniques used in selling drugs, to find ways of resisting peer pressure and understand the health, social and legal consequences.

They discus selling techniques. They look at adverts and discuss how they are trying to make people buy things. A local police officer might be invited in to talk about what happens when someone is accused of selling drugs.Pupils might be asked to act out a script about a boy who ends up seriously injured after taking acid and running out in front of a car.

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