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Who needs to do key stage 3?

Two gems from the current key stage 3 longer writing task deserve a wider audience.

The innocent honesty of pupil A: "The world-famous Hinton diamonds have been pasted down through generations," matches the panoramic detail of pupil B: "One dark winter's night, it was a foggy and misty day, when Inspector Grouse sat down to his dinner for tea."

Heaven help me. After reading more than 400 scripts, I understood them both.

The same can hardly be said for the Instructions to English Markers (page 29): "Please be aware that schools have a statutory duty to report results to parents and these results will be taken from the results issued that are taken from the mark sheets that you complete and return."

Quis custodiet...

Chris Odell

26 Tredegar Road

Emmer Green


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