Who Wrote?

1. "What did you learn in school today, Dear little boy of mine?

I learned our government must be strong, It's always right and never wrong, Our leaders are the finest men, And we elect them again and again, And that's what I learned in school today, That's what I learned in school."

(Sent in by Margaret Sahin) 2. "Our schoolmasters were equally unimpressive. Many of them had been hauled out of retirement during World War Two to replace teachers who had been 'called up', and most of these remained on the staff for the duration of my schooldays. Looked upon as wonderful 'characters' by sentimental old boys and younger staff members, and like my mother's home-helpers kept on for their eccentricities rather than their abilities, these ignorant dotards made no effort to communicate knowledge since they had no store of this article on which to draw."

(Sent in by John Bateman) 3."Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper."

(Sent in by Roddy Pow)

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