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Who Wrote?

1 "No longer now can I endure the brunt Of the books that lie out on the desks; a full three-score Of several insults of blotted pages, and scrawl Of slovenly work that they have offered me.

I am sick, and what on earth is the good of it all?

What good to them or me, I cannot see!" (Sent in by Jenny Blackburn)

2 "Fred's looks also interfered with his teaching. In his first term as a Teaching Assistant, at least a third of his female students, and one or two of the males as well, developed a crush on him. When he called on these students they went all woozy and breathless and became quite incapable of concentrating ..."

(Sent in by Kate Calder)

3 "When I came back from the morning (of my first day at school), my mother asked what I had learned. I said, 'I really didn't learn anything'. I sat at the back of the class, and there was a little window high up on the wall, through which I could see branches. I hoped that a bird would alight.

No bird alighted, but I kept on hoping, and that's about all I could report. So my mother promptly said, 'Well, we'll educate you at home.'"

Win a pound;20 Book token

A pound;20 book token for the first correct answers opened by Wednesday morning, to

or Who wrote?, TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX.

Readers can also submit their favourite quotes: we give a pound;10 book token for any used. Please include your address.

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