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Who's not so clever now?

Hello. My name is Simon and I am in Year 5. I am not very clever but I have lots of things I'm intrested in. My favorite thing I am intrested in is cars.

My uncle Stan is mad about cars and he is always fixing them. He likes old cars best and his favorits are MG sports cars like the Midget and the MGB. He shows me how to do things like tuning the carbretters. You have to listen to the air with rubber tubing to tune them.

When I grow up I want to have my own garridge and fix peoples cars. When I was in Reception Class I built a garridge out of all sorts of things. It took me a hole week and Kevin helped. We showed it in assembly and our headteecher Mr Keen said it was briliant. We were so proud when he said that.

Mr Keen did grate assemblis becos he had loads of hobbies. He showed us how to mak things out of wood and how to play guitar and do lodes of amazing science experaments. He even showed us a book he had writen.

He said life was about finding lodes of things you could do and its a hole lot better than sitting watching telly all the time. He said everybody is diffrent and it doesn't matter if you are not a genuis at sums or writing, you just have too find the things your good at.

I miss Mr Keen. Our new headteecher Miss Jameson doesnt smile much or come too our classes to see what we are doing. That is sad becos our class does intresting stuff. My teecher is Mrs Wright and she gives us smashing lessons but she looks nervus when Mrs Jameson comes in.

Once she came in and said stand up the level fours and sum of us did not understand. She told Mrs Wright that all the children should no if they were level four becos that is what all children shood be. Mrs Jameson asked my teecher for lots of bits of paper and my teecher looked very worried.

I asked Mrs Wright if I was won of those level fours and she said no but I was going to be in a specail group with our deputy head Mr Jones to make me won.

Last week I started in Mr Jones specail group with some kids from Year 5 and Year 6 and we did this hard maths stuff. Some of us couldn't understand it but Mr Jones said we had to do it. Mr Jones used to be nice but he didn't half look miserable trying to get us to understand this stuff.

On Wendsday we did some writin. It was boring and we had to look at things called genres. I had to ask Mr Jones how to spell that. I used to like writin when we could do poems and stories and stuff.

Miss Jameson has told Mrs Wright we have to do loads of tests in class and it seems that's about all we are doing. I used to really like school but its getting boring now. Sometimes I tell my mum I'm sick when I'm not reely.

Mrs Jameson took assembly yesterday. She said we had to get good writin and maths marks becos it wood help the school and if we were really good at it we cood go to university. I don't want to do that. I want to have a garridge.

But now I'm wondring if I'm even clever enough too do that.

Mike Kent is a retired primary school headteacher. Email:

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