Why bonking Boris needs you

Prepare to shed a tear. "Help put The Spectator into schools across the country," saysJa leaflet sent to the Diary by a speechless reader. "We know that many schools appreciate The Spectator's strong opinions, incisive views and clear thinking, but with subscriptions costing over pound;120 a year, the title is out of reach of most institutions..."

Fancy working in a school that can't afford a regular copy of this august Tory magazine (best-known for tabloid-style shenanigans involving its tousled former editor Boris Johnson, publisher Kimberley Quinn and one David Blunkett).

But help is at hand. "The Spectator for Schools scheme offers free magazines... for schools and colleges." A crisp pound;50 covers pp for two schools for a year, apparently, while the jolly old Speccy generously subsidises the production cost.

And of course, there's no commercial benefit whatever from introducing your magazine to a new audience of potential young readers. Isn't altruism wonderful?

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