Why I'm vowing to forget the slurs

I HAVE spent the whole weekend thinking about your anonymous correspondent's open letter to Mr Blunkett since its prominent display on our staffroom noticeboard on Friday ("Dear Mr Blunkett" TES, November 6). I have been asking myself: why couldn't I have written the article?

We do have a lot in common, I am also 46 though I reckon I have done 24 years' service. We have shared as many secretaries of state (and, I am sure, shudder with an equal chill at the name of John Patten). I have done in-service training in my own time and at my own expense - not to the dizzy heights of an MEd, but three years for a BEd. I have been inspected, appraised, interviewed (and rejected!) and done the PTA, the residentials, bought my own computer and so on. I have been angered, frustrated and reduced to bitter tears by some of the antics of our country's leaders. I can even claim to have been assaulted by two parents. So why couldn't I have written the article?

In common with nearly every parent and carer in the country, I want the very best for my child. As my child starts his secondary education next autumn I want every teacher at the school to forget years of Conservative rule (particularly Mr Patten) and every one of Mr Blunkett's pronouncements that angers or irritates them. I want them to forget their worries about their mortgage or their anger that perhaps they won't be one of those super-teachers. I want them to forget that they are tired. I want them to remember to keep the school's promise. In return I promise I will do my best to support them by doing the same, I too promise to forget about the mortgage, the politicians, the tiredness, the unfairness of it all, because I might just be teaching one of their offspring and just like mine, they deserve the best.

And I don't think this article helps us keep our shared promise.

Martin Dove Headteacher Northfield School Northfield Lane South Kirkby Pontefract

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