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Why not devote a day to Afghanistan?

We have drawn from the wealth of resources on the TES website to create a menu of activities for an Afghanistan Day. The food, fascinating history and formidable problems of the country will make a rewarding and enlightening day for pupils - as well as help those in desperate need.

* Assembly Use Ted Wragg's ideas or one of Deborah Ellis's stories (on the TES website). Read the story of 10-year-old Mustafa and how he used his kite to keep his hopes of a better future alive. Encourage pupils to think how they might help children like Mustafa.

* Literacy hour Study media coverage of Afghanistan or read about Afghan children's lives. The TES website has ideas and supporting materials. You could also put together a school newsletter or comic with pupils, and sell it to raise funds.

* Citizenship Events in Afghanistan provide an excellent basis for lessons in citizenship and personal, social and health education. You will find helpful resources for KS1 to KS4 on our website.The programme of study for KS3 asks pupils to find out about the work of local voluntary groups - they might even help you with fundraising. And why not visit UNICEF's new rights website

* Break time Sell snacks in aid of children in Afghanistan.

* Science Kites, the symbol of this campaign, are an ideal learning tool. Get children to design or make them. The TES website has simple instructions on kite-making. Children could pay a small fee to participate in a kite festival.

* Numeracy Ask each pupil in your class to bring in pound;1. Get them to make as much profit as possible for the appeal. They might choose to buy ingredients for cakes they could then sell. They may pool money to buy gardening tools or cleaning equipment and do odd jobs in exchange for donations.

* Lunch You could use some of the recipes under "Food for Thought" in the fundraising section of afghanistan to add an Afghan flavour to meals.

* History Afghanistan has a turbulent, remarkable history. Your pupils could discover how Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan and Queen Victoria all played their part .

* Sports Toys were largely banned under the Taliban, and there is now a flowering of interest in sports and games. A sponsored run, football match or kite-flying competition could help raise funds for equipment. You will find more activities and Afghan games in the fundraising section of our website.

* After school Use some of the stories on the website, or research traditional stories or historical tales as the basis for a show. Proceeds from tickets could go to the appeal.

Sheila Willis

UNICEF education officer

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