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Why single out Muslims?

It worries me tremendously when the Islamic religion is mentioned as seven teenagers appear in court charged with public-order offences at an anti-war demonstration in Leicester ("Anti-war students rapped in court", TES, March 14).

Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu or any other religious groups have never been mentioned - it has always been white, Asian or black.

Since September 11, 2001, there has been a rise in Islamophobia and we all need to work together to see what all religions are about: peace, harmony, love and care.

Perhaps, reading between the lines, not only do we have double standards throughout the world but we have them at home too. Is the article suggesting that the police and the Crown Prosecution Service are racists and Islamophobic? Well, that is the impression I get.

Mullah H Din



The Editor writes: We would not normally mention religion in a case of this kind but we considered it relevant on this occasion because the only youths to be arrested were Muslims. This does not, however, mean that either the police or the Crown Prosecution Service are racist or Islamophobic.

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