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Why we dread five more years

Bruce McLaren criticises teachers who complain about proposals to raise their pension age to 65 ("Get real and face pension changes, TES, April 29).

Currently 2 per cent of teachers retire at 65 while 60 per cent retire before 60. Recent issues of The TES might help Mr McLaren understand why.

For example, the article "Shame of school violence (TES, April 22), told of a teacher who has been threatened with both a knife and gun and a new training course for teachers threatened with violence.

The article quoted NASUWT statistics suggesting that every nine minutes a teacher is verbally abused or physically assaulted.

Furthermore, Mr McLaren may also reflect on another recent TES article which stated that private school teachers will continue to retire at 60, not 65.

DP Taylor NASUWT Kirklees Association Deighton Centre Deighton Road Huddersfield

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