Why we were surveyed on buses

It was with some concern that we read the article "Pupils get tough about violence on the buses" (TES, December 6). The article referred to problems on school buses and named Honley High School.

Several points need to be stressed in order to place in context the research commissioned by Kirklees Community Safety Partnership:

* Honley High School was chosen as the focus of this study as it has relatively few problems in relation to poor behaviour on school buses. It is also the biggest user of school transport within the LEA;

* Many of the serious problems highlighted in the article referred to incidents generally on school buses and should not have been specifically related to Honley;

* The results of the Kirklees survey proved that students within Honley perceive behaviour on school buses to be acceptable;

* The problems which Honley students did highlight refer to examples of poor behaviour over a long period. The accompanying data in the report support this. The implication in the article is that poor behaviour is widespread. This is simply not the case. At no stage did the author contact any of the organisations involved in the research in order to clarify the aims of the survey.

The information appears to have been selected to highlight difficulties. The positive aspects of the partnership between the school and Yorkshire Traction were not reported on.

Honley High School is a successful school with relatively few problems with school transport. The article created a very misleading image of the school. We would welcome The TES to Honley to look at the very good partnership between the school and Yorkshire Traction bus company in the overall management of school transport, and we would be willing to share our good practice with any school or LEA wishing to develop similar approaches.


Deputy headteacher

Honley High School and College

Station Road



West Yorkshire

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