Why you can't get tiddly at the prom

Dust off the tux, hire the limo and grab the nearest flowers for a makeshift corsage. The annual prom is fast approaching at many high schools in the United States.

But students at a Catholic school in Iowa will not be able to rely on a dose of Dutch courage before chancing the dance floor. Officials at Wahlert high in the small city of Dubuque have introduced breath tests to ensure none of the teenagers are DUI - dancing under the influence.

Don Sisler, the school principal, told Associated Press: "Our goal is to do what we can do to ensure that our events are alcohol-free. It's a big step, but a real simple one."

Classic tricks to cheat the test will not fool the principal, who has promised to test pupils again if he is not certain they are sober.

"If it's a breath mint or some mouthwash throwing off the first reading, that tends to dissipate quickly," he said.

While it might seem a tad draconian, the school certainly seems more progressive than Turner County high, three states away in Georgia. It will hold its first racially integrated prom next month, almost half a century since the end of school segregation in the US.

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