Wi-fi health risk

In view of Jonathan Milne's article on Wi-fi in schools (TES, December 15), I am concerned about personal opinions being reported as fact.

Michael Clark of the Health Protection Agency should be challenged on his comparison of Wi-fi to TV and radio - a closer likeness would have been drawn with mobile technology - and refer to the official Health Department's leaflet on mobiles and health, produced after the Stewart report advised this Government in 2000. It recommended that children under 16 should use mobile phones only for emergencies.

Schools are rolling out wireless networking for convenience and tidiness; use of computers is not affected in any other way by installing WLAN. This technology has not been proven to be safe; nor will it be. Do we really want to expose our children to yet another health risk?

Why are we not hearing warnings about the safety of WLAN and DECT that other countries benefit from? Clearly, there is a huge industry to protect and our whole infrastructure has been hitched to this wagon. Government and media no doubt find themselves torn between professional contacts and emerging scientific evidence - a growing conflict of interest. But only time will show the massive impact on health of pulsed microwave radiation.

Cllr Sylvia Wright

Essington, Staffordshire

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