Will I ever get another job?

In July 2005, I was a successful head of department at a wonderful school where I had many friends. I left to move to a new area but, in April, decided to return to my own home.

Since then I have attended 11 interviews and failed at all despite teaching my best show lessons, answering all questions confidently and having good references. All but two of the jobs went to newly-qualified teachers.

I started to question my abilities as a teacher and decided that, since I could not secure a teaching post, I would apply to be an assistant. In May this year, I started to apply for positions as cover teacher and teaching assistant. Yet I could not even get interviews.

Since I have an MA as well as my teaching qualifications, I can only presume that there must be a whole lot of teaching assistants with PhDs in Gloucestershire at the moment.

When I finally did get an interview for an assistant role, I was not offered the post because the head felt that I came over as a teacher rather than an assistant. I was told that they did not want me to get frustrated, but I am frustrated - very.

I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences?

Susannah White

37 Partridge Way

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

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