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Readers will recall the ongoing spats in the Western Isles in which former union leader Angus McCormack hits out at Neil Galbraith, director of education and acting chief executive, Galbraith hits out at McCormack and various others hit out between times.

McCormack, former assistant head of Stornoway's Nicolson Institute, is now blackballed, struck from the council's supply list for breaching council policy - to wit, rubbishing his employer in the local paper as "the jackass of Scottish education".

The former national president of the Educational Institute of Scotland is a mathematician to trade and authorities can ill afford to lose such skills. But we can offer a solution. As it happens, the Western Isles already has a retired maths teacher in its midst, no less a person than Mrs Neil Galbraith.

It would be the ultimate irony if a Galbraith replaced a McCormack on the teacher supply list. Surely the Nicolson would not reject such a qualified candidate. Would it?

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