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Will The TES need to buy a hat after playing Cupid?

The TES is many things to many people: a great place to find a job, the paper of educational record, and just the thing to protect the carpet from flying cat litter - but for one couple we may be something quite a bit more significant than that. Meet Peter Davison, 23, a music teacher at Farnham Heath End school in Surrey, and Jane Middlebrook, a 30-year-old language teacher living in Milan.

A month ago, both Jane and Peter were single and both were devoted contributors to The TES's online staffroom discussion forum.

Peter, known by the pseudonym "Angry Jedi" in the virtual world , recalls:

"It was the night before Valentine's Day and I started a thread in the forum for people who were feeling a bit lonely - it was called "Angry Jedi's lonely hearts club band".

"It was just a bit of fun. I got talking to a number of people as a result of that thread and Jane was one of them. She came in about post (number) 40, if I remember rightly."

Actually, it was post number 108, Peter, but we're sure Jane will forgive you: love has a way of scrunching up time and chucking it the waste paper bin.

"We started emailing. We had a lot in common in terms of interests and relationship history and soon we started having MSN Messenger conversations. One lasted seven hours. Then we started having phone conversations, which went on for ages."

The couple now consider themselves very much an item. "It's romantic, very much so, very much so. We email each other all the time. There is definitely some chemistry there," says Peter.

Jane is equally emphatic: "I have every intention of hanging on to him, as I told him last night! He is very romantic."

But here's the twist: although they have exchanged photos, Peter and Jane have never met.

But that will have changed by the time you read this, because Jane is flying into Heathrow this week and is hoping eventually to make a new life with Peter in England.

Peter is "terrified but really looking forward to our meeting".

Their Cupid, the TES website editor Bill Hicks, also has his fingers crossed: "I wish them well. We've had various splits, break-ups and couplings on the forums but I don't think we have yet had a wedding.

"We wish good luck to Jane and Peter and promise to keep readers posted."

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