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Will there be fewer jobs?

Your job and career questions answered

Now that schools know roughly how much money they will get in the next financial year, what is your view of the job market over the coming term?

With many primary schools, and some secondary schools, already experiencing falling rolls, the number of posts may reflect the actual cash that schools receive rather than the headline figures. Some schools will want to rebuild the reserves that they raided last year rather than spend any extra money on teaching posts.

However, there are likely to be more retirements across the country. They will often be in senior posts which will have a cascade effect as teachers move up the ladder. Estimates are that, on average, a retiring secondary head results in around three vacancies and a primary head in two vacancies.

The new pay scales in London and other measures to retain teachers there may mean fewer posts on offer and even an end to the shortages of recent years.

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