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Will you fight the law?

The TES asked headteachers whether they will be bringing in PPA time, as legally required...

David Wilcox, head of Hayes primary, Croydon: "Croydon as a branch is voting to stay in the agreement. We feel it is better to try and work for changes from within. Isolation moves us out of the big frame and makes it harder to implement the changes."

Ralph Cooper, chairman of the life members of the NAHT, and representative of Dorset's branch. "Assurances mean nothing. Money in the pocket is what matters. If money's not forthcoming it's a waste of time."

Angeles Walford, head of the Priory school, Wimbledon: "I'm going to implement PPA time because I believe in it for teachers and for my children. But to do so we have set a budget with a pound;74,000 deficit.

If the local authority says I can't do that then the only way I will be able to get into the black is by not delivering PPA. There will be a teacher in every classroom in September and that is it."

Sid Willcocks, head at Epiphany primary, Bournemouth: "We won't be implementing PPA time from September at my school. This will be against the law but all the staff have voluntarily withdrawn. I gave them the choice - I could fund PPA time but to pay for it would mean losing every teaching assistant. It took 30 seconds for them to say 'no way'."

Mike Welsh, head of Goddard Park primary, Swindon. "We can't implement this agreement on a shoestring. I will be voting to pull out because staying in would send a signal to the Government that they can continue to introduce poorly costed policies."

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