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Willing and able

I LEFT teaching to get more experience of the world outside the education service and have now greatly enhanced the skills that the educational system is desperate for, and developed new ones.

I have completed a course set up by Dundee City Council to encourage teachers to return to the profession and am currently running training courses in the police service. But can I get a job?

Dundee seems to be very positive about having people return to school and use their skills and experience positively. But the mesage does not seem to reach down to its headteachers. Some other education authorities do not have any interest at all in people such as myself.

Can you question my motivation? I drove 3,500 miles to complete the course in Dundee and will be taking a considerable pay cut to return to teaching. If there is a far-sighted headteacher out there, I am qualified to teach both biology and computing studies.

Andy Carroll

Schoolfields Road



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