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Win an iPod and X-Men goodies

The final film in the X-Men trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand, is released nationwide on May 25 by Twentieth Century Fox. If you enjoy comic book superheroes and are a fan of the mutants (or have one at home) then here is the most fantastic treat. Two lucky Friday readers will not only win an Apple iPod, but an X-Men goodie bag containing a portable radio, watch, PSP case, CD case, shirt, mousemat, notepads and dogtags.

X-Men: The Last Stand reunites the stars of the first two X-Men films: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Ian McKellen as Magneto and Patrick Stewart as Xavier, and features Kelsey Grammer as Dr Henry McCoy, also known as Beast.

For your chance to win answer this question: which character does Halle Berry play? a) Storm b) Drizzle.

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