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Winchester's proud history

Your article "The Wykehamists' Revenge" (TES, October 3) describes a state of affairs that few at Winchester would recognise.

Winchester is indeed proud of its traditions. They, along with the efforts of staff and pupils, have helped to create the outstanding academic performance for which it is famous.

But it is quite wrong to deduce from this that there is a resistance to change at Winchester. In fact, ideas introduced by Dr Nicholas Tate are being carried forward by his successor, Tommy Cookson. All great institutions need to be receptive to change, so that they can continue to move forward over the years.

It is true that Winchester, like all institutions from time to time, has been going through some choppy water. Yet, in spite of that, Winchester continues to demonstrate that it is a great academic school and is justly proud of its achievements in many other spheres.

This is a testimony, not just to the commitment and quality of its teaching staff, but to standards and strengths built up over many years.

Sir Andrew Large Warden Winchester College Winchester Hampshire

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