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Winners and league table updates

Cinema ticket winners.

Thursday 21 July - jacqui1974 who uploded How to cope with cyberbullying

Wednesday 20 July - mullarkey (display name David Mullarkey) who uploaded Three types of Rainfall

Tuesday July19 - Bluebell78 who uploaded Making a prediction - Berocca fizz

Monday July 18 - AdamRalph who uploaded Free Verse literacy lesson on home town

Sunday July 17 - LindaMacro1 who uploaded SEAL lessons prepared with some lit. links

Saturday July 16 - brettl who uploaded How much do you know about Germany?

Friday July 15 - Geekie who uploaded Spanish colours wordsearch

Thursday July 14 - minnie123 who uploaded Help with AQA History B Controlled Assessment 1

Wednesday July 13 -kritur who uploaded Science on TV Quiz

Tuesday July 12 - Susan D'Arcy [username elmvale] who uploaded Making sentences

Monday July 11 - mkdevaux who uploaded Romeo and Juliet lesson plan

Sunday July 10 -CSnewin who uploaded Worksheet - Moments of Force

Saturday July 9 -rubberchicken2 who uploaded Health and Wellbeing Viewpoints

Friday July 8 -chuckieirish who uploaded Forming and Solving First Order Diff Equations

Thursday July 7 -Flora Hoori who uploaded Types of Family

Wednesday July 6 -VElizabethRogers - who uploaded Ratio Theme Park

Tuesday July 5 - trace5 - who uploaded Drill questions on 60+ different areas

Monday July 4 -ElaineTreacy who uploaded Counting 1-5 Under the Sea theme

Sunday July 3 -StephanieAnnMarshall who uploaded Persuasive writingspeech

Saturday July 2 - sarah72 who uploaded Preposiciones para describir una casa o un piso

Friday July 1 -effjeff who uploaded Distribution channels

Thursday June 30 - dradford who uploaded AQA DT Controlled Assessment Tracking

Wednesday June 29 - Lucydeutsch who uploaded `Alors on danse' French song

Tuesday June 28 -Jenny Slaughter who uploaded Je me sens.checklist to use when watching a clip

Monday June 27-Mr Mac who uploaded Sprint Technique Peer Assessment Skill Card

Sunday June 26 -davidcarol4 who uploaded KS3 ICT Targets Sheet

Saturday June 25 -diamond_raindrops who uploaded Can your pupils answer their exam questions?

Friday June 24 -Natasha3003 who uploaded Introducing myself- Key questions and answers

Thursday June 23 -Claire Britton who uploaded Organic Growth

Wednesday June 22 -anyholland who uploaded de partitive article in French

Tuesday June 21 -MRS D who uploaded Active Thinker and Listener

Monday June 20 -chocolatchaud who uploaded Languages, nationalities and countries

Sunday June 19 -kyleb99 who uploaded Label the artist and his tools

Saturday June 18 -Cassandra who uploaded Passport to a new class

Friday June 17 -gwilly who uploaded Design development - Ford Fiesta

Thursday June 16 -mediadave who uploaded End of Unit Assessment

Wednesday June 15 -jonelwebster who uploaded Assessing pupil progress KS3 Drama

Tuesday June 14 -lbrowne who uploaded Fruit

Monday June 13 -stormysky who uploaded The balloon exercise - the sanctity of life

Sunday June 12 -Finamar who uploaded Textiles Starter: Odd one Out

Saturday June 11 -james_abela who uploaded Computer Game ratings

Friday June 10 -ayirrell who uploaded Year 4 Sikhism lesson

Top 10 most downloaded resources

Here are the top 10 most downloaded resources. The users who contributed these resources each walked away with a luxury hamper for two.

Passport to a new class contributed by Cassandra

Fun spelling booklet with certificates, test amp; AFL contributed by diamond_raindrops

Tiger who came to tea resources contributed by elizabeth docherty

Earth and space galaxy song contributed by hopephillippa

End of year big quiz contributed by allenk

Active thinker and listener contributed by MRS D

Foundation stage end of year report templates contributed by dasha7000

Matching and sorting activity - Plants contributed by MummyHen

Spoken language scheme - brevity - textsinternet contributed by Spassky

Wimbledon - quiz and dreamsgoals assembly contributed by lrabbetts

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