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Wish you were there?

HERE'S an attractive job offer: "Primary school teachers wanted", it runs. "Insect repellent essential."

This is the ad that can be found in some of the country's trendier bars and restaurants, among those racks of postcards you bump into on your way to the loos.

It's an unusual place to advertise, and if the thought of swarms of mosquitoes wasn't attractive enough, there's more to entice you away from your comfy job.

"Salary even worse than your current earnings," the card continues before sweetening the pill with an offr of free accommodation: in a "small hut on outskirts of shanty town". Don't forget the essential hepatitis, typhoid and yellow fever jabs - and yes, they do hurt.

This exciting opportunity comes to you via the Voluntary Service Overseas (which as it happens also features in The TES's First Appointments section this week). And there is an upside. "Bonuses include saying goodbye to PTA meetings, seeing at first-hand the resilience and ingenuity of others, and some wonderful memories."

Well, if you put it that way...

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