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Woman in Street ruins our image

There has been much talk of Channel 4's Teachers series shedding an unfavourable light on the profession. But only the humourless get hot under the collar over this mildly amusing drama, which just happens to be set in a school.

Far more insidious is the Coronation Street character Charlie Ramsden. A full-time teacher at "Weatherfield Comp", she goes to school late, carrying just designer bag. No marking at home, then. Free periods? A chance to visit friends. Lunchtime? A game of badminton. Evenings? Down the pub.

For Dr Ramsden's wife, a 35-hour week would mean a bigger workload. She perpetuates the myth of "workshy" teachers; and a few more people tune in to Coronation Street than Teachers.

Jon Belbin 31 Glen Iris Avenue Canterbury, Kent

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