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Woodhead:PC teachers must shut up

MANY hoped they had heard the last of him,but Chris Woodhead is back. This time he is accusing teachers of forcing politically-correct views on pupils, making them "spout ill-informed prejudice".

In a new essay he argues that political opinions should be kept out of teaching. He attacks citizenship and "Alice-in-Wonderland" staff who want pupils to respect humanity and discuss world peace.

"We need less politics in the classroom," the former chief inspector writes. "Indoctrination, whether into a particular political view - or what is equally noxious, and probably more common, a general political correctness - ought to have no place in education."

He will speak at a debate on political opinions in education in Brighton on February 25.

*"Political Opinions: should they be kept out of teaching?" by Chris Woodhead is in the free pamphlet "The A-Z of Free Expression", available at Blackwells bookshops. Debate details are at

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