Woodhead's way

IN A brilliant display of insouciance, the Office for Standards in Education chose Wednesday morning to disclose to trembling teachers its long-awaited plans for the future of inspection.

Hardly remarkable - except that barely a mile from OFSTED's Kingsway offices, the House of Commons' education select committee was holding the second session of its inquiry intoIOFSTED.

It looked like an act of deliberate nonchalance by the chief inspector, a pointed demonstration that he doesn't give a damn - particularly since this week's line-up included long-term critic Carol Fitz-Gibbon of Durham University.

But maybe it has got under the OFSTED skin. Wednesday also saw Woodhead in the Telegraph, welcoming the inquiry (always a sign) but muttering about aggressive witnesses and sticking the boot into "territorially defensiveness", and "logically flawed, anecdotal andor politically-motivated" evidence.

And while he won't be gracing the committee room before February, he'll have a good idea what's been going on. The Diary gathers OFSTED has engaged the Press Association to send it its very own news reports.

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