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Word games


All the following are anagrams of sports and games - take the initial letters of the answers and mix them up to find 2 further games: EGGLOB; CABMAGMONK; ALMANAC; HOLELOT; SOLACERS; OUTCHOPS; OULD; ORALITIES; SCREECHK; REANTIQUES; VERIERS; TALLBEN; CHEATLIST; REGENERITION; RAINYTOPIC; THEAEAZY

2 Find the correct synonym for the first word - then add or subtract the given letters to find anagrams of some more sports and games e.g. "Female relative - E + S (8)" would be DAUGHT(E)R + S = DRAUGHTS Prestige + U (6); Deceived - D + C (7); Feelings - T + D (8); Determined - S + T (8); Commanding + B (9); Prisoners - J + L (9)

3 "I-break"Which 14 letter word has six "i"s?

Mark Nyman(Answers next week).

pound;20 book token for the first correct answers to be opened on Tuesday.

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or Wordgames, TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX.

Answers to last week

1 Cheetah, Onager, Leopard, Alligator, Crocodile, Rhinoceros,Pterodactyl, Elephant, Antelope, Chimpanzee, Kangaroo, Echidna, Lungfish, Armadillo.

Initial letters C,O,L,A,C,R,P,E,A,C,K,E,L,A give Cockerel and Alpaca.

2 Growth + A = Warthog Gasman + I = Siamang Painter + R = Terrapin Opposi(t)e = R = Porpoise Requir(e)s + L = Squirrel Departi(n)g + R = Partridge

3 Cameleopard

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