Word to the wise

Before Gio Benedetti, head of Benedetti International, accepts another invitation to address a school audience he would be advised to tone down his language.

The 300 senior pupils at a Renfrewshire Enterprise and the local Education Business Partnership event last week were treated to an inspirational address punctuated by an ordure metaphor originally more familiar on the other side of the Atlantic. Benedetti had run up 18 references when Jotter gave up and went back to the crossword. Young listeners, no strangers to bad language, none the less have a sense of political correctness.

It was further affronted by his nudge-nudge, wink-wink remarks. To the boys he said that if you own an E-type Jaguar, "what else do you need, lads?" When demonstrating a high-tech clingfilm dispenser, he informed the girls:

"You'll love this."

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