Words come alive for the millennium

PRIMARY schools throughout Scotland are being invited to take part in a major national project, run by The TES Scotland, to create a living record of the state of the Scots language at the end of the millennium.

The project is the brainchild of Elaine Wyllie, a Dunblane primary teacher whose primary 5 class produced its own dictionary of Scots words and sayings used in the Dunblane area. Other schools are now being asked to do the same and send in their dictionaries to The TESS, which intends to compile them in a single national edition.

"It will give Scottish children the opportunity to lead their school communities in a celebration of the Scots language at local and national level," Mrs Wyllie said.

All 32 education authorities are being encouraged to participate, to make it as complete a record as possible, with all the variations of dialect that can be found with the help of parents, grandparents and locals.

"Within a national parliament, there should be recognition of the cultural diversity which contributes to it. I hope that primary schools across Scotland will take part in this exciting venture," Willis Pickard, The TESS's editor, said.

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