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Words of wonder

THE GINN SCHOOL DICTIONARY. Edited by Lindsay Knight and Andrew Delahunty. Ginn Pounds 34.95+VAT


A dictionary is more than a spelling aid. Used imaginatively, it is an enjoyable way of encouraging children to develop their natural fascination with words.

The Ginn School Dictionary for upper juniors has more than 25,000 entries, but is easy to use. Additional features such as word families, word usage, similar words, opposite words and homophones provide a strong teaching focus and link to the English curriculum.

The accompanying photocopy masters provide imaginative activities that go beyond the usual "alphabetical order" work.

Activities are well designed, with sections on structure, meaning, origins and grammatical aspects of words, as well as guidance to help children to find words easily. Most of the activities need a reasonably high level of reading ability and the only gripe is that the materials cater inadequately for children with special needs. But these materials represent good value for money and should be a valuable resource for literacy hour.

Nicola Jones is an English and special needs teacher

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