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Working things out

One of the aims of Professor Feuerstein's work is transcendence, the ability to transfer cognitive skills to different situations. One Kittoch School pupil explains.

"Instrumental Enrichment makes you have second thoughts.

"For example, my mum gave her sister pound;150 to buy a washing machine.

For weeks and weeks she hadn't bought it and there was no chance of getting the money back. She had already stolen off my other auntie and she'd stolen all the kids' jewellery and stuff.

"So, anyway, we didn't have a washing machine. We were taking bags of clothes round to my other aunt, every day.

"So I thought I'm just going to go round there and lash out at her.

"I was all set to do it. Then, just before I did, I thought wait a minute here! She stays with my gran, so if I walk in and put my gran's house in uproar, it's my gran who is going to be left to pick up the pieces. So I had second thoughts.

"My mum had to pay for TV money, pound;8 a week. So I counted how much my mum had paid and we took that off the money my mum had to pay. We took that amount off the pound;150 and there was still money that she owed my mum.

"So, her other sister used to pay my aunt catalogue money, pound;20 a month. So we said right, instead of going and fighting with her, we took the catalogue money and she didn't get that for several months.

"So, instead of putting my gran's house in an uproar, we sorted it."

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