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A World for All

A CONFERENCE which will bring together educationists from around the world to share ideas and develop a common understanding of special education and inclusion is to be held at Trinity College, Carmarthen, from June 17 to 19.

Speakers will be drawn from the USA, Botswana, Ireland, Austria, India and Wales in the first of a series of conferences to be held at various locations around the world in the coming years.

The next will be held in the USA in 2004, for which Trinity College is offering bursaries to two successful applicants to cover travelling and conference costs .

"A World for All" is part of the Cultura Pacis programme (Culture of Peace) established by Trinity College and its international partners, including the University of Rio Grande, Ohio, USA, to develop a global educational debate.

Teachers, lecturers, members of voluntary organisations, government staff and anyone else involved with these issues are welcome. Contact Kathleen Adnum (01267) 676601

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