World Book Day (March 3)

Book Aid International hopes schools will use World Book Day (March 3) to raise money for its campaign to get new books into needy schools and libraries worldwide. The schools pack, including a pound;1 book token for each pupil, should arrive with schools this month (primaries get it automatically, secondaries have to register on, where there are also downloadable free resources). The pack includes a fabulous Book Aid poster featuring artwork (pictured) by Lydia Monks, a poem by Roger McGough and ideas for fundraising and reading activities. For spare posters tel: 020 7733 3577;

World Book Day is also supporting Readathon, the schools-sponsored reading programme that raises money for Sargent Cancer Care for Children and the Roald Dahl Foundation. The Spread the Word! section of the site encourages children and adults to swap book recommendations by postcard and e-postcard. There's a new "school staff dialogue" section for teachers to exchange ideas and comments about the day. Finally, you can download the schools leaflet you missed (or lost) last September.

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