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A world of opportunities

Scores of teaching resources feature among the new listings on the Global Dimension website. Many are free and every single one is an eye-opener. Try taking the Ecological Footprint Quiz to discover how much water and productive land it takes to support your lifestyle, or attempt to balance a household budget in war-torn Angola.

The site is run by the Development Education Association and its extensive database has details of resources from organisations ranging from Save the Children to the Soil Association.

More than 300 entries appear under geography. Recent additions include All Africa, a website publishing news gathered from 200 African newspapers, and Voices from the Streets, a video-introduction to the lives of street children.

New highlights include a section on sourcing speakers and a calendar of global events. Details of exchange schemes and in-service training have been added to the professional development area, and there is advice on building partnerships with schools abroad.

Global Dimension was revamped a year ago and its case studies have proved the most popular draw. One of the latest shows how students in Wales used a range of Oxfam materials - videos, books, maps and photos - as the focus for examining stereotypes of people living in Kenya. Other examples illustrate how schools can collaborate with their local Development Education Centre (contacts are listed on the site). One primary teacher borrowed an enchanting collection of South African toys. The dolls, lizards and frogs were all made by resourceful children using cast-offs such as bolts and telephone wires. They spoke volumes as the centrepiece for a geography lesson.

Chris Williams, Global Dimension editor, has also introduced themed lists of websites. She says: "When teachers searched for information on themes such as water or climate change, they were having to sift through 50 sites.

Now we are featuring 'top 10' lists of recommended sites."

At the show, Chris will host guided tours of the website and show resource packs and books. Sign up for her online newsletter and she'll make a fair trade: a free mug for your staffroom.

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