World watching

* Imagine being in the opening ceremony with a close view of the world's greatest players. Describe the scene and talk about your feelings.

* Pick a personality mentioned in the media - a player or a manager. Follow stories about them in the papers or on TV and prepare to be interviewed by classmates as that person.

* Imagine you are the only child reporter allowed to interview one of the World Cup personalities. Get questions ready and find out as much about the person in advance as you can. How does the interview go? How do you react when you are given a signed football?

* Try to guess the scores for the next day's games; who gets closest, and why - luck? skill? Which team will win the cup? Will there be a big surprise - an outsider winning, such as Nigeria - or will it be a favourite, such as Brazil?

* Discuss the vocabulary used in football commentary, such as "sick as a parrot" and "over the moon"; think about how to use language more creatively; then write an article or prepare to speak "live to camera" about a match without using expressions like these.

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