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Worse still with five-term year;Letter

THE three-term year is the norm in all schools, colleges and universities. Any change to a five-term year in just one sector of education would cause a major upheaval.

Furthermore, the three-term year is successful, as it allows for six half-terms with the majority of breaks being taken during the summer. All curriculum planning is based upon three terms. Any further changes would clearly result in total disruption for teachers, pupils and parents.

The proposed five-term year, with no long summer break, would cause chaos for families and schools. The alternative of providing two weeks' break during the cold dark months of November and February would be of no use.

Parents would continue to choose the summer period and withdraw their children from school. This would exacerbate the existing problem of pupil absenteeism for family holidays, resulting in frustration for teachers and a lowering of standards.

The three-term year is firmly rooted in our culture and should stay.

Martin Littlewood, 104 Nelson Road, Whitstable, Kent

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