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Would you Adam and Eve it?

"Creationism: a 'very real threat' in schools" (17 January) may be the most shocking article I have ever read in TES. For starters, what is this "science deniers" label that is being tossed about? I believe in Adam and Eve and love nothing more than a good Nativity, but I also believe that our planet has evolved naturally and that species have adapted as necessary over time.

How dare anybody take away the right of choice from our young people: whatever happened to encouraging independent learning and free will? I say teach creationism as well as evolution and let them make up their own minds. Who is Richy Thompson to tell us outright that children should not be taught creationism "for the simple reason that it's not true"?

I am concerned by such narrow-minded views. Am I denying science and indoctrinating my students by sharing Bible stories and singing hymns with them?

Sophie Welsh, Worcestershire.

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