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Wragg sins

Even by his own standards, Ted Wragg's diatribe against the Office for Standards in Education (TES, April 19) or, to be more precise, against those who conduct the inspections, is grossly unfair.

Wragg commits the same sin of which he has accused chief inspector Chris Woodhead - that is, of extrapolation to the whole of the process from just a few examples. Inspectors may be a lot of things but a "prat" is unlikely to be one of them, just as there are unlikely to be "15,000 failing teachers".

The comment, "Wait until some traditionalist is given a grade 7 by a trendy inspector for spending too much time on spelling", is flawed on several counts and leads one to assume that either he fails to understand the inspection process or that a cheap laugh is worth the abandonment of objectivity.

I am a great fan of Professor Wragg but I would not wish to see the force of his view demeaned by inaccurate and biased comment. Leave that to the politicians!

S W Hannath Headteacher (and OFSTED team inspector) St. Bartholomew's Church of England school Wootton Bassett Swindon Wiltshire

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