Wragg unfair to mock Woodhead

IT IS rather unfair that Professor Ted Wragg chooses to poke fun at Chris Woodhead (Last Word, TES, November 13) after he offered to provide my school with advice on how to manage the implementation of the literacy hour.

I attended the local authority conference for the National Literacy Strategy and was, at the start, clear that it was to be non-statutory. I was concerned that the efforts my staff had put into our literacy teaching would be lost bringing in yet another approach.

I asked several times during the sessions if we could adapt part of the scheme. Even though it is non-statutory, I was told that every school was expected to adopt it.

Mr Woodhead did at least clarify the Office for Standards in Education's stance on the strategy. He did not offer to "excuse" my school, he gave us the chance to use our own judgment and common sense. He should be commended for at least taking an interest and supporting schools rather than being mocked. He was only agreeing with sentiments expressed by Professor Wragg in earlier articles in The TES.

NC Powis Headmaster, St Andrew's Weeley, Essex

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