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Wrong track

Your report, "Jarvis man to lead cash-strapped charity" (FE Focus, December 19) makes no mention of the five years I spent between 1997 and 2002 as director of education and leisure at Medway council. Medway had by 2002 been described by Ofsted as having "the energy, drive and ambition to make a difference".

I have no doubt that my appointment to the WEA owes a good deal more to my experience in Medway than to the spurious links you choose to make with Jarvis and the rail business.

Again, for the record, the year I have spent with Agilisys since leaving Medway has resulted in the development of an e- learning product that has the potential to transform learning across all sectors, including the WEA.

I am proud to be the new general secretary of such an august and unique organisation as the WEA, and I look forward to bringing all my skills and experience to build on improvements made by David Plank and others.

Richard Bolsin Agilisys 24 Heworth Green, York

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