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Searching for relevant subject sites on the web is a time-consuming business. If you're a PE teacher it can be an all-consuming business as the information you need is scattered and most sports-related sites can be pretty useless for teaching purposes.

To save on teachers' surf time, the Physical Education Association of the UK (PEAUK) and the British Association of Advisers and Lecturers In Physical Eduction (BAALPE) have set up a joint website at

It's not the most sophisticated of sites ut for any specialist or non-specialist teacher it's a good starting point to find information on all the issues that affect the job.

PEAUK and BAALPE carried out six months of research before creating the site, so the content has been heavily influenced by feedback from teachers. Dozens of links will take users to sources of official and general information on a raft of issues including assessment, health, national curriculum, coaching, schemes of work and inclusion.

See also www.sportscore.

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