Year 6 marking could be fairer

Now that I have had time to reflect on the Year 6 national tests, both as an English marker and a Year 6 teacher, I would like to suggest how to make the administration and marking more fair.

At the moment test papers are delivered to schools weeks before the tests and teachers are permitted to look at them to make more modifications for certain children. The mark schemes are included, although not to be opened until after the tests are completed.

In future, I suggest that all papers, including modified papers, should be collected from the local post office on the day of the test. All completed papers should be returned to the same post office that afternoon. Mark schemes should be delivered to schools after the test papers have been completed and returned.

At the moment markers submit a number of papers of their choice to the senior marker for checking. Each child has a unique identification number on the mark sheet.

In future markers could be informed at the end of the mark period of the randomly selected numbers of the children whose scripts should be submitted for checking.

PAULA BALDRY 6 Knollgate Close Birstall Leicestershire

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