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Yearning for a decent myth;Letter

Having just read the Government's new "national literacy strategy" I observe a few mistakes and incorrect definitions in the glossary of terms at the back of the folder.

Maybe the following list of suggestions could be included in an appendix to be sent to all primary schools?

Affix: a situation a teacher finds himherself in.

Ascender: another word for super-teacher.

Dash: word to describe teacher's lunchtime.

Draft: what you have in a mobile classroomschool outside toilet Explanation text: a sick note.

Fairy tale: a sick note.

Grammar: an old-fashioned selective school.

Idiom: a headteacher.

Myth: a teacher's pay rise.

Obituary: a report from the Office for Standards in Education.

Parenthesis: a mature student studying at university and paying their own fees.

Participle: a school that takes part in the literacy scheme.

Shared reading: not having enough reading books.

Suffix: Brighton's education authority.

Tanka: a 1970s jumper, commonly worn by male teachers.

Tautology: an extremely tight pair of trousers.

Tense: how a teacher feels.

David Hawkins. Foxlands Road. Dagenham. Essex

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