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Yet another form

Sunita Grigg ("Staff must set a CPD example", Letters, January 8) misunderstands the reason for people's reluctance to declare their CPD to the Institute for Learning (IfL). It isn't that they are against CPD, it is just that it is difficult to see the point of this requirement.

What is the IfL going to do with the information? Has it got the staff to do anything constructive with the thousands of records they will receive? Can they do anything more than file them away?

The last thing lecturers need from their professional body is more pointless form filling. The IfL should be campaigning against such non- productive procedures.

The situation cannot be compared, as Sunita does, with other professions such as law or medicine. These areas have an established, recognised, high-quality system of CPD that bears little resemblance to the mishmash on offer in FE. The IfL should concentrate on improving our CPD, not tallying it.

John Linfoot, Bournemouth.

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