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Washed: (adj)

Means: Dumb or rubbish

Usage: "Can't believe Dan did that, man, he's so washed"

Good grief, what's that smell? Oh, just another week and another drug culture reference engulfing the Yoof like a particularly intoxicating, suspiciously green-looking smoke cloud. After all, "washed" was traditionally used as slang to describe the debilitating effects of intense marijuana use - tiredness, laziness and a general feeling of your mind being "washed" away - and was certainly one of the more poetic ways to describe someone smoking themselves into a stupor. But the simplification process of the playground has taken the term's very essence - being pretty much incapable of doing anything - and reduced this to the base-level meaning of being stupid or not very good. Which, if you didn't know better, you could say was some kind of moral to the story.

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