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Greezy (adj)

Greezy (adj)

Means: Very good, or a sign of appreciation

Usage: "Dan, that new teacher be looking well greezy"

Time and again we find that hip-hop and urban culture from across the pond has influenced so much of Yoofspeak, but sometimes Londoners are in an evocative slang league of their own. Only a city whose inhabitants can turn the word "grime" into an aspirational music genre could gestate "greezy", a word with its foundations in dirt and unattractiveness but which means the complete opposite. Thought to be a combination of "great" and "easy", it can be called upon in most situations where a positive is required, be it to note that a certain lesson was particularly useful, a specific textbook was especially noteworthy, or whether the new girl meets the required aesthetic standard. No extra house points for guessing the area of most frequent use.

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