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You don't need to self-evaluate by yourself

Kenny Frederick is dead right ("There's no escape from self-evaluation", 3 June). The reduction in bureaucracy promised in the changes to inspections is more apparent than real. Twenty-seven inspection judgments will be reduced to four, but inspectors will still be expected to take account of much of the same stuff, and one or two extra bits, if the inspection pilot is any guide. The SEF (self-evaluation form) is done away with, but schools will still be expected to self-evaluate, only this time without prompts.

I can reassure Ms Frederick that help is at hand. My guidance on self-evaluation and inspection, used by over 1,000 schools, is being revised and will include a "writing frame" to minimise the "even more work" she is understandably concerned about. It will be simpler than the old SEF, but will cover the Ofsted ground.

I hope it will be available from the Association of School and College Leaders in return for a donation to charity. A pilot version will be complete by the end of this term, which will be updated when the new framework is published in the autumn.

Tony Thornley, Education consultant, Ilkley.

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