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You soon get the picture

STEP BY STEP SERIES. Decorative Painting. Creative Lettering. By Judy Balchin.

Mosaics. By Michelle Powell.

Paperfolding. By Clive Stevens.

Heinemann. pound;10.50 . Available from TES Direct pound;8.99.

There is no shortage of craft books, yet schools are always on the look-out for series that are child-friendly, that is, do-able for small hands, economic and having clear instructions. The Step-by-Step series is a reasonable attempt to meet these needs with simpe, effective and relatively speedy projects.

Resources required are not expensive and are clearly listed at the start of each task, which is described completely and neatly. The real problem with this series is that though pupils are photographed making these objects, the finished project is quite clearly the work of an adult professional. Children trying these out could become disheartened when their efforts fall short of the slick product in the picture.

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